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Topping Geli Fruit Clear - 1 kg

Topping Geli Fruit Clear - 1 kg

SKU: GM199

Antioxidant for fruit. Semi-finished product for the preparation of fruit and vegetables, which keeps both vegetables and fruit clear and fresh for a long time. It can be mixed with fruit salad by replacing the lemon or it can be brushed or sprayed with a dispenser on fruit skewers - Gluten-free product - Vegan product - Packaging: bottles with 1 kg drip-saving cap

  • Info Prodotto

    Ingredients : Glucose syrup, sugar, water, acidifying agent: citric acid; antioxidant: ascorbic acid; preservative: potassium sorbate.

  • Nutritional Declaration

    Average values per 100g of product


    1156 kj - 272 kcal


    of which saturated

    0 g

    0 g


    of which sugars

    67.6 g

    54.5 g


    0 g


    0 g

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