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Tradition, Quality, Service.

Pubblicitario Gelimont
Laboratorio Produzione
Laboratorio Gelato
Fiera Roma Tirreno CT
Fiera Roma Tirreno CT
Fiera Roma Pabogel
Automezzi Gelimont
Magazzino Gelimont
Gelato della Tradizione
Carrettino Gelati Storico
Carrettino Gelati

Gelimont brand was born after an over ten years experience accrued by Montani Family operating in Rome since 1950. At that time, Benedetto Montani started producing Homemade Ice Cream.

After some year experienze as peddler, he founded a production site in the center fo the City, for the production of IHomemade Ice Cream on behalf of a third part.

In the year 1980 Maurizio Montani, Benedetto's son, growed around the Ice Cream production site of his family, became the Director, carrying on the care of Ice Cream Quality in the same way.

In the year 1987 Maurizio Montani, start a new experience founding an innovative Ice Cream parloureria artigianale innovativa, offering to the customer, more than 50 taste of artesanal Ice Cream, several kind of Semifreddo, frozen cakes and, new addition, Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream.

In the year 1997, start and change the modern history of GELIMONT, thanks to the foresight of Maurizio Montani. He invested on new manufactory plants, and following new market requirements, the Company specialize in the production of semifinished products for Ice Cream and Pastry making.

Today, Experience and Tradition join with the desire of grow and innovation.

Nowadays, the Gelimont offer to its Customers a full service in the Ice Cream and Pastry sector producing Semifinished products,  and distributing Cones, Wafers, Frozen Fruit, Raw Material, Accessories and Equipments.

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