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Sugars and Sweeteners

The selection of the sugars is very important formulating Ice Creams and Pastry products, not only to give sweetness.

Infact they are very important for the structure and shelf life.

Latte e Derivati

We select the best milk and derivates producers to give very high quality ingredients to our customers: milk powder, whey powder, milk protein, condensed milk, cream powder are essential ingredients in Ice cream and pastry production.

La Frutta Secca, la Frutta Candita e la Frutta Sciroppata

We offer a wide range of dried fruit: hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, pine-nut kernels, dessiccated coconut, walnuts, sultan raisins for all pastry and ice cream productions.

Candied fruit: Candied Fruit mix, candied orange, candied cedar; Wild cherry and chestnuts in syrup.

Other products

Other ingredients very useful for all your prodctions...

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